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Whether you own your machines or need us to supply them; We can organize a 2 to 14 day getaway across the majestic wilderness of northern Quebec. 


Each evening, enjoy a comfortable accommodation and hearty meal with one of our partners across Quebec. 

Prefer to enjoy your meal campfire style in the wilderness? We can make that happen!


 Whether you are from the area or visiting from abroad, we organize everything to the smallest detail; accommodation, food, activities, all according to your wishes.


Are you the thrill-seeking type? Or more of the kind to observe natures beauty leisurely? We’ll adapt to your wishes and skill set to make sure your trip is most memorable.

Throughout your adventure, you will be accompanied by an accredited guide, trained in first aid for remote regions and with advanced knowledge of forest survival. Your guide will have a satellite phone and will make your safety their priority. 


Contact us anytime and our team will be happy to answer your questions!

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